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As the Founder of Everlasting Hope Rescue-Sanctuary, I started the journey of running a rescue-sanctuary back in 2011.  


The path that took me to opening up a rescue-sanctuary is that out of tragedy.  In 2011 the decision was made to become parents to a male and female Eclectus.  I adopted them both at the same time, and within a short time the male Eclectus, Pepe' started showing signs of being ill.  After spending weeks in the hospital with the oversight of an avian vet.  Pepe' was sent home to be cared for by his family.  For 5 days, he was attended to for every need, with feedings, with medications and with showing him as much love as could be shown to him.  On the morning of the 5th day, it was decided that Pepe' had suffered enough and it was time to say goodbye.  That day was the start of a path of making a difference to those who are in need.  There is not a day that goes by that Pepe' is not thought about.  Although at the time I was unaware that this was to be the path that his life would take me down.  I know that I will see my boy again on the other side of the rainbow bridge and we will finish our journey together.  



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